Friday, November 28, 2008

Breakfast With Our Guru
Mr. Derric Chew

29th Nov 2008 Saturday
9:30 am

Venue: 9988 Cafe
One TJ, Tabuan Laru

Come and join him and be free to ask him any question. Don't miss this opportunity.


FH2o said...

Ok. Thanks for the notification Justin.

I work on Saturday mornings; so I'll see if I can get away for a short while. I agree that it's a wonderful opportunity to ask Derrick any questions or if we have any doubts on some of the topics. I have a couple of questions to ask him actually!

Francis Ho

Justin said...

Thanks, Francis. Will others bepro-active like Francis to indicate whether you will be coming to the breakfast?

Linda said...

Hi Justin

Me and my husband will join in. Even if we may not have any questions to ask, joining in and listening to others' questions could enlighten us also as we may face the same questions probably.


Justin said...

Thanks Linda, Derric has indicated that he is happy to have his students joining him for sharing. Thanks