Thursday, November 20, 2008

Helping One Another

Today post will be a concrete way to show that we can help one another. I read the comments in the earlier post where Jing Lee asked Francis how to add a hyperlink to some of the keywords in his comments. Attempting to help answer that question through the comment prove quite a task. At the same time, it may be helpful for some who wish to know how to add a hyperlink to their websites in the comment box.

Here is the way to do so.

1. The command for creating hyperlink is
a href=""
2. This command must be placed within <>
3. The whole command which is already in the <> should be before the keyword(s) that you wish to highlight,
4. Then you need to close it with the pairing command /a, which must be placed within <>

Perhaps the following explanation in the form of image is clearer.

The author can be contacted through if you need further assistance.


FH2o said...

Thanks Justin for answering Jing Lee's question for me while I was away in Bintulu. The hotel where I was staying - The Regency Plaza has wireless internet at the lobby but the connection was poor.

Jing Lee said...
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Jing Lee said...

i've got it. Wow, thanks Justin.

Justin said...

Hi Jing Lee,
You are most welcome. Cheers to your journey online.

KSiang said...

Hello friends... I just back from traveling last week. I've get my blog done last night. Please take a look and give some comment if can. Please tell me what to improve o u guys have any tips?? Let me know ya...

Lee said...

Well done, KSiang. I like your blog contents. Very helpful indeed.

KSiang said...

Thanks Lee... How is your website?