Monday, November 17, 2008

recommended trading websites

Hi all,
For those of you who intend to sell products via the internet with the market within malaysia, do have a look at this website -

Or, if you're looking at global trade of products, you can also explore



Justin said...

Hi Henrick,

Thanks for your info. By the way, if anyone of you would like to try selling whatever products to the international market, try Possibly Tim, who has some experience in this can share with us all. Tim, the court is open to you... :-)

FH2o said...

Thanks Henrick for sharing this with us.

Accordingly I'm taking advantage of this free service to promote my Kayaking Day Trips in Kuching on!

Click on this link here to check this out. I'll let you all know if I receive any booking(s) from this service.

BTW Timothy - I still have not received the "invitation" to join as contributor here. I'd also sent you a separate email with regards.


timothy said...

thanks henrick for your links!

francis, i addedd both your gmail email and kuching kayak email. hope it works fine now

timothy said...

ebay.. haha

well, think of 10 things you would buy or would want to buy from ebay. Most likely, these are the 10 things that is going to get you started on selling on ebay. There's a high chance that there are a thousand others who are thinking about buying the same things as you would be thinking of. The only question is whether a thousand others that are selling the same thing or just a few. Basically SUPPLY and DEMAND. that's the 1st market research anyone should do.

ebay is country oriented. If you register yourself from malaysia, you would automatically be registered in Ebay malaysia has good features such as no service charge for selling items. The disadvantage is that ebay malaysia does not get enough traffic. You're better off with in my personal opinion that you are with ebay malaysia. ,, are basically quite lucrative. If you have a relative or friend or children studying overseas, you can possible register using their address in those particular countries. However, you have to clearly state that your item is from malaysia.

hopefully this is informative.

Justin said...

Hey Tim,
Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts and ideas on ebay selling. In fact I think you should do this as a post, and share with us some of your actual experience. Cheers

Jing Lee said...
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Jing Lee said...
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Jing Lee said...

Haha, I'm going to try what Justin taught me:

I'm using too.

It is for my flower arrangement service

and my parents apartment for rent

Jing Lee said...

Another new add at

My mum's kitchen ware business. It is a combination with free baking/ cooking class

Out of all my ad, For Rent and baking class has the most responds.

My words are easy, 'C&P' techniques. I searched for similar ads in other websites, modified a bit, then post it.

My mum is really happy cos she can save her newspaper ad cost.

However, there are some terms to follow. The webmaster will publish your ad according to their rules. Like my mum wanted to post babysitting service (my mum is a babysitter), the ad is rejected.

For my info, MLM also prohibited there. So, study 1st, before you put in so much time to post an ad that cannot be published.