Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An Open Space

Hi All,

I have just created a forum for all of us to lock in. I call in An Open Space because I feel that it is an open space for us to come truthfully together, share sincerely our experiences with one anther our online businesses, discuss freely problems we faced and hopefully grow healthily and prosperous together.

The online business journey is a long and winding one and the learning curve is steep. The Open Space hope to make this journey interesting, less lonely and more rewarding.

See You there.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Justin's Blog

Hi All,
A week has passed so soon espcially when one is busy and fully engaged in his pursuit, interest and passion. That could actually describe what I went through this past week. Anyway, all the efforts have paid dividends. My new blog is finally up after quite a few hitches. Francis was in touch with me most of the time and witnessed the process. Here is my new blog www.ebooksreviewers.com which will a blog to review ebooks with the intention to recommend to readers from all over the world. Please hop over and give your comment. Meanwhile, have a wonderful weekend.