Friday, November 21, 2008

To Inspired All

An email came in today that linked me to an inspiring blog. This blog is simply AWESOME, you must it see for yourselves. It was started by a 13 year old Filipino boy just barely one and half year ago. At first he started blogging on his interests like music, gaming online or some technie things. That did not get him anywhere. But a few months ago, after some brainstorming sessions with his father, he re-launched his blog, with one of the most difficult, highly competitive keyword phrase competing with the thousands of internet marketing gurus, adults and giants. Yet he stood up after few months later to rank in page one of google search for the keywords "make money online"! Read the story of this boy at this link. It is simply INSPIRING!


FH2o said...

Thanks Justin.

Inspiration is vital as the learning curve to making money online is STEEP!

Encouragement and motivation along the way is certainly most helpful.

Francis Ho

Linda said...

Thanks Justin.