Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fellow Kuching Bloggers

Hi all,

I have been indeed inspired this week knowing that we have some great bloggers in Kuching. I would like particularly mentioned this Kuching lady Ms Elina. As she describes herself "I juggle my hours between holding the role of a mom to two hyperactive kids, wife to a Big Kid, daughter, employee and blogger. The hours are never enough for me but getting to know so many awesome bloggers & sharing the opportunities and fun of reviewing great family friendly products have been a great source of motivation for running this community." Yet in the midst of all these she was able to start her own few blogs, one of which I would like to mention in particular parent reviewers - a blog committed to reviewing toys, games, books, children clothings and generally anything any parent would like to know before they buy for their children. She started this blog sometime in April this year and the blog has already acquired a google PR status of 3/10! When I contacted her, she was modest in saying that she has not made much money yet, but I can predict that she will be able to have some good passive income from this blog in the not-too-far future. Pop over to her blog and give her your generous comments.

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