Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009?

HAPPY 2009?

2009 just ushered in yesterday but the outlook for 2009 doesn't seem to be encouraging. Lay-off news (what happen to Western Digital) which will affect 1,500 workers of Kuching and the banking crisis, liquidity squeeze..... are clouding the outlook of 2009. With this backdrop, the Year 2009 will be full of challenges. We must device strategies to over come the challenges ahead. Hope that the team members are able to paddle through the challenges ahead and their internet business will take off successfully!

Cheers for the New Year!


Cheers for all of us!

Together, we must make 2009 a successful year!

Cheers !!!


Justin said...

Hi Linda, I kind of agree with you that 2009 seems gloomy to some especially those related to Western Digital. That is why we need to have one another to inspire and be inspired. My contribution to inspire all comes from my post on Jan 01 2009 in my blog Take your time to soak in the inspiring music, read the meaningful words and engross yourself in the captivating scene. I am truly inspired every time I watch this video - particularly the scene where the three guy flew off the cliff, wow, that's just so free! Wow! Be inspired!

Francis said...

Hi Linda! Happy New Year Wishes to you and family. Yes 2009 is a challenging year ahead and is incentive enough to work even harder on our online business.

I'd launched my Kuching Food Portal - in December and had successfully launched an event (Village Fast Food Opening). So if you folks are feeling hungry; please drop by for a visit!

Justin - Nice affirmations indeed. Thks for sharing this inspiration with us.